Growing Up and Coming Home

At the time I'm writing this, Ben's on his way to the Narita airport outside Tokyo on his way home from 10 days in Japan.  He'll be home in slightly over 20 hours.

We've known for three years now that he'd be halfway around the world without us, ever since he was selected to be part of the Regina-Fujioka Student Exchange program, but I never expected the immense emotional strain.  

The funny thing is, it's not worry that I'm feeling.  Never was, really.  What I'm feeling is a strange mix of fierce pride (both in how Ben works hard to accomplish his dreams and how he carries himself around other people), coupled with a strange melancholy.   I mean, if he can travel to Japan with 22 other kids and three chaperones and stay with people he's only met via email, does that mean he'll be backpacking around the world on his own soon?

And, most importantly, will he take me with him?

Photo's by Mr. Saito, who is both a host and a school official in Fujioka, Japan.  More pics on the Fujioka School Board site

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Back Road Cinnamon Rolls

There’s a big advantage to getting off the main highway and taking the back roads. We did this today, forgoing small numbered highways like 4, 2 and 3 for 310, 340 and 321.

We weren’t 10 minutes from the house when we found the Little Pond Community Centre, with two sweet ladies baking inside. Twelve of the best (and cheapest) cinnamon rolls were hastily purchased, warm from the oven, along with a plate of lemon squares. Yum yum!

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Chilling out in PEI

The house we’re staying in is nice and big, which is helpful when you’re trying to travel as a party of 12. We’ve grooved travelling as the four of us but add another eight people who are related but don’t have a ton of stuff in common is challenging. But it’s a good challenge!

We have great views off the back lawn, with a massive sandbar which will be a joy to explore around. Just not today. We’re collectively pressing our luck with the weather and will travel to Cavendish on the sunny day.

I better hit Publish now as we’re loading up the cars. Off to find a tiny village with tourist stuff, a nice beach, stuff for the kids to do, shopping, scenic vistas, crashing surf, fishing boats, a used bookstore, a river, no bugs and possibly a Walmart. But no unicorns required. That would be crazy.

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