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I’m Mark Dyck.    I used to spend a lot of time wondering what it would be like to leave the corporate job I (often) loved to start my own small business.

I thought.  I dreamed,  I wondered.  Then one day in 2010,  I leaped and opened Regina’s artisan bread bakery with my wife Cindy.

We never worked harder in our lives and all the work was totally worth it.  We got great reviews, made a ton of friends, and built several teams.  But after five great years we got an offer to sell our gear and, being completely worn out, we took the offer and closed our bakery.  For now, at least.

These days, I still bake a little, but mainly I travel, write and help other bakery owners build a business that sustains them as well as their customers.

This is my personal blog, where I write about things that are on my mind that aren’t specific to baking and travel.

What else is there in life, eh?  In my case it’s family, community and the lifelong fight with my own head that prevents me from writing (and leaping) more.

This blog is also about struggling with your calling in life when it doesn’t line up with what ‘society’ expects.  I fight everyday with the overwhelming fear of giving up and getting a ‘normal’ job.  If you are fighting the same fight, I hope some of this helps.

If you’re looking for my travel blog, where I write about Cindy and my travel adventures, that’s at Ready With Shoes On.

And I write about bread, baking and bakery ownership at Orange Boot Bakery.

Note:  This blog has been part of me since 2006.  It’s changed and morphed and fuzzed in and out of focus over the years, including losing most of the images in the middle period due to using a now defunct posting tool.  But it’s all here for you, warts and all.

(The awesome Header photo is by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash)

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Dear Mark and Cindy
    Love your blog and although I didn’t delve deeply into your European Trip it appears you had an amazing time and took some excellent pictures. It brings back memories of our honeymoon trip to Europe back in 1996.
    How did I find out about your blog to begin with! I’m a keeper of the Ambrosi family ancestry data and wanted to update it to include your Bakery career and so I googled you…gotta love the internet.
    As our parents age I find more and more I try to keep up with relations on behalf of my mom and so I always send Christmas greetings to Maryann Bone. In her Christmas letter I found out about you being a ‘semi-retired’ baker in Regina.
    Here’s how we’re related…first cousins – once removed (as my English husband says) others say second cousins. My mother Mary Weber (Ambrosi) is the daughter of Vasile & Dora Ambrosi. Vasile being a brother to your grandmother Sophie (Ambrosi) Silverson.
    I recall many a summers when we would visit my Baba (Dora Ambrosi) in Kelowna/Winfield BC and the wonderful Aunties from Saskatchewan – Mary Martin, Christina Ambrose, and Sophie Silverson, and families would visit. I’m not sure if you and I have actually every met, we might have at some point in BC or perhaps on one of the trips my family made to Saskatchewan over the years. No matter it was good to read your blog and find out a bit about you and Cindy.
    We live in St. Albert…so the next time you find yourselves heading to our neck of the woods and have some time on your hands drop us an email, it would be great to meet you’s!

    Wilma (Weber) Sannino

  2. Hi Wilma,

    Great to hear from you! I remember visiting your Baba in Windfield when I was a kid. Possibly 10 years old but maybe younger. She had a beautiful garden and I remember seeing pictures of it for years afterward. If I remember properly, Aunty Mary and my grandmother came on the trip too, along with my parents. I remember picking cherries with Aunty Mary at least. And the Flintstones park! 🙂

    I’ll definitely look you up the next time I’m in Edmonton. I don’t get there very often but have some baker friends and old University buddies there so who knows.

    I’m glad you stay in tough with Aunty Mary Ann too. She’s the keeper of the family tree on the Silverson branch. 🙂

    Best wishes,


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