Baking School is Over (sniff)

Whole Grain Bread Display

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*Sigh* Well, the SFBI Whole Grain course is over and I’m back in snowy Regina. It’s great to be home but I’m fighting as hard as I can to keep the bread vibe alive. It’ll be hard to do that from my cubicle at work but I’m more determined than ever to get our shop opened up sooner rather than later. In fact, I’m meeting with a local SFBI grad tomorrow to keep the process going.

A great big Thank You to Michel, Evelyne, Erin, Laura, Marty, Shari, Jorge and everyone else at SFBI and TMB Baking. You made my three weeks one of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had. And of course, a very special Thank You to Steve Issac and Didier Rosada, two world class bakers who shared so much knowledge about every facet of the baking process.

PS — the picture is a display of all the bread we baked during the Whole Grain course. I’m sure you’ll agree that there was a huge variety to bake, eat and experience!

2 thoughts on “Baking School is Over (sniff)”

  1. Hello Mark…
    Thank you for the info on your SFBI experience.
    I am planning to go this fall to a 5 day course and would prefer to stay downtown SF to take in the restaurants each evening (with study guide in hand)! Do you think that would be a possibility? Did you stay near SFO or downtown? Or do you recall what other classmates did?

    Appreciate any advice here.

    Many thanks Mark.

    Vancouver B.C.

  2. Hi Mark. Remember me from work? I heard that you were on tv, but I missed it. Good luck with your new enterprise. Where can I buy some of your famous pumpernickel?

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