We went on a three hour sea kayaking tour yesterday along Porpoise Bay. What a great time! Although I admit I felt a little like that wooden model canoe from the children’s cartoon at the start. A wee bit tippy and tough to steer. After a couple minutes though it was smooth going.

We saw a lot of wildlife – bald eagles mostly, but the highlight was a pair of seals who kept bobbing up right beside the kayaks, checking us out then diving down for a while. Quite a treat!

We went over to a marine park where we could camp overnight if we wanted. Lots of tide pools and starfish there.

Kayaking is a pile of fun. I can see myself buying a “lake” kayak when I get home. Very peaceful and fun way to travel.

Lund BC: worth it, if only for Nancy’s Bakery

This may well be the best bakery I’ve ever been to. The bread is good but not the best (Christies in Saskatoon is still #1) but the pastries, the lunches, the friendly staff and the amazing views are unbelievable.

You might think it crazy to drive 50km down a somewhat paved, very twisty road to visit a bakery, but this one is worth it.

It is as good as the Okeover campground is bad. Helln it’s even better, and that’s saying something.

I have some pics but they will need to wait till I get home.

Wet Socks Don’t Burn

(Written Sunday, but I just got in range to post now)

Rather boring day. We’re at the end of the line on highway 101 and we’re bored. Tired of being wet. Tired of the mosquitos that come out when it stops raining. Most especially tired of trying to get a fire going with wet wood – but by jiminy, I got it going…

Found a wet sock in the ditch beside my campsite, which pretty much sums up the highlights of Okeover Arm Provincial Park. Thought it might be fun to see it go up in flames. No such luck. It just sat there and steamed till it turned into a sock shaped piece of black ash.

I think Okeover is Finnish for that part of the arm to which deodorant is applied.

We’re moving on tomorrow.