Pee Wee Capitals win again!

Congratulations to the Regina Pee Wee Female Capitals who won their second tournament of the season. This weekend it was the Swift Current tourney which the Capitals won after beating the Weyburn Angels 3-2 in the final on Sunday.

The girls did well to get to the final, beating the Diefenbaker Thunder 4-1 and Saskatoon Comet Snipers 5-0.

Their best game was a 1-1 tie with the fast, rough and tough Swift Current Colts on Saturday night. It was a nail biter right to the final buzzer.

What a great job by all the Capitals!

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Monday Hockey Roundup

Wild weekend on the minor hockey front. We kicked things off with a Regina Pats game attended by both teams which was a lot of fun, although a ticket mixup meant the two teams were on opposite sides of the arena. I got some good mileage walking back and forth to check on the kids.

The rest of the weekend was spent with dueling ice times, but somehow everyone showed up where they needed to be.

Robyn got her second start in goal and earned her first ever shutout. She was on top of the world all night after that game, to say the least.

Ben played well in a 5-2 loss to the Phantoms, in a game that was marred by some chippy play and some really nasty hits. The Phantoms had a large size advantage over the smaller Sharks and their coaches seemed to encourage the players to knock the pee out of everyone regardless of size. Why crush a kid when a push will do? I don’t know. In the end there were 18 penalties called and one Phantom got ejected [the irony is the ejection wasn’t the worst hit of the game.]

I don’t think there is a place for smaller kids to play minor hockey once they turn 11 and that’s very sad indeed.

Hockey Round Table

Another fun weekend at the rink. Robyn got her first start in net on Saturday in Lumsden. She played well all game, but really got strong as the game went on. She had quite a bit of fun but I think she’s already thinking about playing forward again. It was a fun change of pace but I think the cachet of being a goalie has passed.

One highlight of the week was a practice in Sedley on Wednesday night. Robyn’s team was practicing but the coach invited Ben to come out so they would have two goalies. As Robyn was getting ready for her big start, that meant both kids were in goal gear at the same time. Quite a treat to see them practicing together. It’s especially neat to since they are two years apart but pretty much the same size. They had fun and I sure had fun watching.

In Pee Wee news, the Sharks practiced at 7AM this morning but that was about it. Our savvy manager scheduled picture day for this practice to make sure everyone showed up. Ben’s got tournaments the next two weekends so we’re ramping up for some serious action!

Hockey Morning in Canada

Up at 6:15AM for Robyn’s 7:30 practice in White City. There weren’t many kids out and even fewer parents. I usually like the early morning stuff because I have the whole day in front of me after hockey. Although right now I’m pretty darn tired.

Robyn got to practice in goal and did really well for her first time in pads this year. She hasn’t mentioned goal much this year but now that she’s had a practice she’s eager to play in a game. My thoughts? Officially they don’t matter and it’s good for her to try all the positions, but I sure wouldn’t mind having one child play out, purely from the spectators point of view.

We all went out for breakfast after the practice. Went to McDonald’s which wasn’t my or Robyn’s first choice but it actually wasn’t that bad. Perhaps the McDioxins are merging with my cell structure, or maybe because they have Hockey Cards!

It was a good chance to talk with more of the parents. More and more of the kids are involved in Basketball these days; half the team had games or practices at 10. The fees seem reasonable (100-150 per year) but wow that’s a big time commitment if you’re also playing hockey. I can’t see how our kids would survive playing two sports at the same time when each sport is twice a week.