And We’re Back!

FTP Screen
I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at this FTP screen lately.

It’s been a fun three days.  I decided to make some changes to my hosting setup, which changed the location of this blog among other things.

After several emails to my hosting support, including one step that only they could perform, I have my hosting configured properly.  My bakery website is not completely moved to a new hosted wordpress environment and this host is configured for this blog and a some other blogging ideas I have.  (The skeleton of my next project is underway.)

The biggest unforseen hiccup was that I was without email for two days.  One day for the hosting folks to make their change and one to adjust all my MX records properly.  But even that’s all working now.

Onwards and upwards!

Hmm. That Didn’t Work

me looking peeved. I’m new at “selfies” 🙂

When I got the notification emails that Posterous was shutting down and I should back up all my posts, I didn’t worry about it. Ignored them all.

“No worries!” said I. “I already pushed every post to my WordPress blog at time of posting. I’ll be fine.”

It turns out that the words pushed over, but all my pictures linked back to the copy at Posterous. Seeing how I was doing more and more short posts with lots of pictures, that means most of the posts I made from 2009-2011 now have big blank spaces where the pictures should be.


I guess that means I need to get off my butt and start posting more. OK! I’m up for the challenge.

Web Ink Now: Social Media is the new punk rock

Interesting analogy. I missed the rise of punk — was old enough but didn’t really get it. But I’ve been searching for the same passion and participation ever since and I’m finding it in online communities. So I think the videographer is on to something.

[not sure how posterous links work, but I found out about the video from David Meerman Scott’s awesome Web Ink Now blog. I hope this links through!]

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I need to start watching more Charlie Rose

I don’t really watch much TV and I watch even less current affairs but lately I keep been pointing me to the Charlie Rose show.   Now there’s a fellow who understands how the Web works.  Or at least he seems extremely interested.

Case in point:  Mitch Joel is really digging into how traditional print media is dying due to the changes brought about by the Web.  He pointed me to a recent Charlie Rose episode with the CEO of the Associated Press and Arianna Huffington, where they describe to wildy different futures for journalism and aggregators of journalism.  

My favorite Charlie Rose episode is an interview with Marc Andreessen that aired in February.  It’s a rapid fire hour where Marc talks about where the Web is at and where it’s going.  


Thanks to Mitch Joel for pointing me to the Andreeson interview too.  Maybe if you don’t have time to watch Charlie Rose, you should just go read Mitch’s blog.  He’ll let you know the best stuff to watch!

[Damn! I can’t get any consistency with the embedded video. Sorry about that. Check the link to the Charlie Rose site for a larger view]