Civilization V Announced!

OK, I’m a little late on this, because it the announcement came in February. But i’m very excited to learn there is a new version of Civ coming out in the Fall. Civilization IV is my all time favourite PC game and I can hardly wait for the new version.

When Civ IV came out in 2005, gamers all over had to upgrade their PCs to handle the graphics and calculation complexity. I wonder if this will be the excuse I need to upgrade my laptop!

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2 thoughts on “Civilization V Announced!”

  1. I absolutely agree. Civ has been my favorite game since Civ 1. I have to confess that my first time playing Civ IV I hated it, it was so different. Now I would never go back. Still playing regularly too. In fact I have smoked two graphics cards playing Civ, burned the fans right out of them. Not for a light weight system.

  2. That’s too funny. I was playing Beyond the Sword as I took a break to check email 🙂

    Civ IV is my first, but I still really like it. You’re right about needing some power to play it though — my laptop can’t handle it at all…

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