2 thoughts on “Structure you have vs. structure you need”

  1. Hey Naomi. Thanks for stopping by. It’s incentive to clean the place up a bit as I haven’t done anything with the design since I moved to my own domain.

    By the way, I also am Bob. My desire for zen-like Bobness ebbs and flows though. At its best, I have a wide open clean desktop poised and ready to start anything. Then I do. And I start something. Then something else. Then something else until my desk is one big pile and I’m typing this while my morning toast is sitting on top of a stack of paper and two pencils. Then I clean and start again.

    My wife and furniture are Susan. So when I clean my formerly zen-like desk I have a number of labeled baskets to put everything into.

    It works for us. At least, when I sent the link to my wife she didn’t leave…

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