ScribeFire makes blogging even easier

ScribeFire is a plugin for Firefox which integrates my web surfing and blogging in a very easy way.

It’s integrated right into this blog, so when I see an interesting web page I can get an editor up and running without leaving the web page. I can format the post, assign categories and publish with one click. Easy!

There are also some really neat integrations with popular social media sites so I can stumble, digg, etc all without leaving the page.

Even the picture on this post was inserted with ScribeFire. One button and I’m searching Flickr or YouTube and inserting images and videos with a click.

First impression is that this is a way cool plugin. If you blog, it’s a must-have!

What can I cover best?

Jeff Jarvis writes about how newspapers are laying off excellent reporters as they stop coverage of national topics to focus on local news. He offers an excellent alternative which preserves the great work the reporters are creating.

Within the post he links to an earlier post which really struck a cord with me. Jeff asserts that a key principle of blogging is to “Cover what you do best, and link to the rest.

I really like that. It ties in well with the “hyper-local” reporting idea I was kicking around last year — forget talking about what’s happening in Regina and focus in on my neighbourhood, or my street, or my front yard. I set up a first prototype on WordPress but it’s a little stagnant right now.

I can apply Jeff’s ideas in 2008 blogging two ways:

  • linking to other blogs a lot more
  • figuring out what I’m “best at” and covering that

So what am I best at? I’ve got a few ideas, all involving what’s going on in my local community.

What are you best at? Please share!

New Year, New Goals

It’s been one year since my foray into blogging and I have mixed feelings about my results. I’ve spent far more time reading other blogs (I consider myself a ‘whiz’ at Google Reader and am progressing to full ninja status) than actually writing. I’ve also spent far too long worrying about the focus of the blog than getting my thoughts in print.

So this year I resolve to worry less and write more. My goal is two posts per week. Warning in advance that the topics are going to cover a pretty wide range:

  • observations about my family: growth, change, stirring victories and sad losses too.
  • what it’s like to build a business: as we slowly build the Orange Boot Bakery I’m fascinated by the process of starting and growing a business. I want to put everything I’ve learned in business and life into the bakery and share the foibles. I’m going to write about the process here. The Orange Boot Bakery site (now here but soon to be here is for our customers and I don’t want to clog it up with weird ramblings about being a small business owner.
  • the joys and struggles in building community, be it our local community association, the kid’s minor hockey teams or the various groups I’m involved with online
  • What’s new and exciting (to me) in internet technology. My professional career has been about helping people through the learning curve when it comes to new technology. I spent the early part of 2007 thinking I had fallen way behind the times but I’m still ahead of the curve compared to 90% of people so there’s likely lots to learn here.

My only fear is that the variety of subject matter will turn people off. Well it can’t be worse than not posting at all, right? I’ll make judicious use of tags / categories and if I do find a Voice in all of this, I can adjust later. But the goal for now is to write — two per week, come hell or high water.

U20 World Cup update

Wow, I’m taking the day off in celebration of receiving my first ever blog comment from a “stranger.” And Footie Fool has been added to my Feed list too. Thanks for the comment and I’m looking forward to digging through your site!

Now for the update: I spent the better part of yesterday bragging to my coworkers about scoring U20 world cup tickets on July 7 in Victoria. Once I spent a couple minutes explaining what the tournament was all about and that Canada was the host nation and yes it was legitimate, they were excited too. I think.

Even though soccer is becoming more mainstream, comparisons to the world junior hockey or curling championships are still required here on the flatlands.

For added enjoyment, try telling your friends (in an excited voice) that you’re going to see Uruguay-Zambia and Japan-Nigeria. Take a picture of their discomfort and then watch them relax when you explain that three of the four teams are borderline regulars in the ‘senior’ world cup.

That’s OK, they’re trying. In 1998 I actually got teased when I let on I was taping and watching all the world cup matches from France. “What, are you waiting for a goal or something?” Har Har. Things are much better now…

Anyway, I’m expecting big things in Victoria. Maybe not dancing in the streets, but flags and horns perhaps? Maybe I can pick up a Zambia scarf or rising sun headband? That would be way cool.

Mobile Blogging

I just found out about wordpress’ mobile blogging feature. This post is being written from Wascana Park via my Blackberry.

There have been several times when I’m at the pool, etc. with an hour to kill and I can use that time to write now.