Don’t Ask, Don’t Get

Yesterday I wrote about the new Bread tome called Modernist Bread and asked if anyone had any pull at the public library.  (Well, or with Santa Claus too.)

I sent a similar question to my Backyard Bakery buddies and it turns out that one of the Bread Buddies does in fact work at the library and close to the circulation department no less!

So the RPL is ordering a set of books for their collection.  Yippee!

No doubt they’ll be reference material, for in library use only, but I’ll gladly spend a few afternoons checking them out.  And with their excellent province wide circulation system, my baking friends in Saskatoon will be able to use them too.

So the moral of the story is to actually ask for what you want, out loud.  Good things can happen.

And if you bake, make sure your librarians have access to your bread.

Now, if I could only do that with my podcast!



My Christmas List

According to my mailbox and the 25 pounds of flyers I received last week, it is officially Christmas Season.  Time to string up the lights (we string ours indoors because I’m scared of heights) and go hunting for a tree (conifer preferred.)

So I guess it’s not too early to publish my Christmas List.

This year is easy.  A book.  A Bread Book.

OK, it’s a 6 volume, 2600 page, $550 bread book, but still…

It’s called Modernist Bread: Art and Science.  It’s also legitimately a tome.

I don’t know too much about the author, other than he’s a former Microsoft employee who is more than rich enough to nerd out on food.  Or in the case of this book, bread.

I read an article on the author / book today and the books seem really interesting.  One entire volume is about the farmer-miller-baker supply chain, which I find fascinating.

So if you have any pull with the Big Guy – either Mr. Claus or the Head of Circulation at Regina Public Library – please put in a good word for me.

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