Canada – Costa Rica Highlights

Found Some!

Costa Rica Goal (Centeno)– what you don’t see is this all started from a really tight free kick which went off the wall but the Costa Rican’s kept the pressure on:

First Canada Goal (De Guzman):

More replays of the first goal:

Second Canada Goal (De Guzman):

Great start for Canada at Gold Cup

OK, I’m only posting this to draw your attention to the excellent Footie Fool blog. It’s fantastic — he follows Canadian soccer better than anyone.

But, did you catch the match last night? What a stunner. Costa Rica played really well in Germany last year so I didn’t expect much from Canada. Once Costa Rica went up 1-0 I figured that was it, so what do we do? Just go down and get two goals back! In the last 10 minutes (plus an unbearable four minutes of injury time) the Canadians carried the play and had several chances for a third goal.

I didn’t have the tape delay problems like the folks in Victoria, but I did have the challenge of two kids wanting hockey updates and a dog that was aggressively playful. As a result I missed both Canadian goals. Unbelievable. Not even a replay. Sat through three hours of Stanley Cup post-game and still didn’t see anything. Anyone have a link to some highlights?

Closing thought: In Mr. Fools review of the match he pines for some better announcers for the next Gold Cup broadcast. Agreed! They actually read out the names and numbers of each starting player. Wow.

What’s the deal with North American non-latin announcers hyper-embellishing all the spanish names, anyway? British announcers seem to be OK with calling Ronaldo, well, Ronaldo. No need to roll every R, A, O and sometimes D. By the time this guy finished saying Jose Francisco Porras after a save, the Costa Rican keeper had got up (jose), found the ball (francisco) and sent it back down the pitch (porrrrrras.)

U20 World Cup update

Wow, I’m taking the day off in celebration of receiving my first ever blog comment from a “stranger.” And Footie Fool has been added to my Feed list too. Thanks for the comment and I’m looking forward to digging through your site!

Now for the update: I spent the better part of yesterday bragging to my coworkers about scoring U20 world cup tickets on July 7 in Victoria. Once I spent a couple minutes explaining what the tournament was all about and that Canada was the host nation and yes it was legitimate, they were excited too. I think.

Even though soccer is becoming more mainstream, comparisons to the world junior hockey or curling championships are still required here on the flatlands.

For added enjoyment, try telling your friends (in an excited voice) that you’re going to see Uruguay-Zambia and Japan-Nigeria. Take a picture of their discomfort and then watch them relax when you explain that three of the four teams are borderline regulars in the ‘senior’ world cup.

That’s OK, they’re trying. In 1998 I actually got teased when I let on I was taping and watching all the world cup matches from France. “What, are you waiting for a goal or something?” Har Har. Things are much better now…

Anyway, I’m expecting big things in Victoria. Maybe not dancing in the streets, but flags and horns perhaps? Maybe I can pick up a Zambia scarf or rising sun headband? That would be way cool.

Toronto FC — it’s fun!

I’m starting to get into the new MLS football team Toronto FC. I’ve seen two games now; their first ever win and their first away points (2-2 at Columbus.) Now, that’s on TV of course.

CBC is showing games and they are pretty good. Small stadiums = low camera angles so you get right on the field. CBC has a British guy doing play-by-play so it sounds authentic, and Craig Forrest does a really good job as colour commentator.

The quality of play is pretty good, although nothing like the better European Leagues. The MLS guys get pretty gassed after an hour and it shows. I watched Arsenal – Bolton on tape right after the MLS game and there was a huge difference in the pace of play and shot velocity. But the MLS game is entertaining nontheless. Toronto is getting a lot of fans out to the games so there is some excitement to the games. I think it will last — I sure hope so anyway. 2-3 more Canadian teams would be nice. Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa? How about Edmonton?

Arsenal is still my #1 team, but now I’ll be following Welsh, Cunningham and Dichyo too!


Great day! It finally connected that we’ll be in Victoria BC while the FIFA U-20 World Cup is underway. I got online and am now the proud owner of 4 tickets to the July 7 matches. We’ll get to see Uruguay vs. Zambia and Japan vs. Nigeria. Should be great fun.

It’s very unlikely that we’ll be going to the 2010 Olympics so this is the closest thing to a world class sporting event I’ll get to see. I’m very excited.