Travel Rewards

Cindy and I are taking the kids up to Saskatoon today for a little R&R.  It’s harder and harder to sneak away these days, what with the bakery taking all our time and University, friends and the bakery taking all the kid’s time.  But travelling together has always been a big part of our lives and I don’t want that to change.

Ben Camping
Ben camping in Clear Lake, Manitoba, 1996


We instilled the travel bug in Ben and Robyn early in life.  It started with camping.  We took to Duck Mountain park when he was two weeks old and kept on camping and travelling — Waskesiu, Clear Lake and even the Winnipeg Folk Festival when he was 13 months old.  We even fit a car & motel trip to Vancouver Island in his first year.

When Robyn was born we had to switch from the tent to cabins for a year or so but by the time she was two years old we were back in the tent.  We went all over, from the BC Interior to the Ontario Border in the summer and up to the Cabin in the Woods at McPhee Lake in February.  We had a log book of the best parks and the best tent sites in those parks.

Maritimes 2010
Nova Scotia, 2010

By the time the kids were seven we wanted to see more of Canada so there were two long trips to the Maritimes and a month on Vancouver Island, still in the same small tent.  By the time Ben was 14 he was getting too long for the end of our four person tent but we still crammed in there.  It was unthinkable to use anything else.

I’m so glad we instilled the travel bug in our kids.  They’ve got it bad.  Both have been to Japan on exchange trips.  Ben’s been to Brazil twice.  They’ve both been to Europe.  And they took advantage of every school band trip and ski trip they could.  At any point in time one of them is planning a new trip somewhere.

U20 World Cup
U20 Football (Soccer) World Cup, Victoria, 2007. Six nations festooned on two kids!


Travel has helped us see and be part of other cultures.  It’s helped us appreciate what we have in Regina but also fueled the desire to bring the best of our travels back home.  Orange Boot Bakery exists because of all the awesome bakeries we discovered on our travels, from Saskatoon to San Francisco and Victoria to Mahone Bay.  Each one left us thinking “why don’t we have that at home?” and now,  in a small way, we do.

Awesome pergola outside Village Butcher in Oak Bay, Victoria BC. Still can’t convince our landlord to let me build one of these on our patio.


9 thoughts on “Travel Rewards”

  1. Camped a lot in BC, Montana and mountain west. First tents, then RV. Our son 34 has the bug, loves hiking.

    I think “camp cabins” for people who want to get out in the woods but with creature comforts would be interesting to readers. It is hard to get good data on places especially that are in or near Nat’l parks and good reviews are very helpful.

    Years ago I read an account in Sunset Magazine about beautiful Buttle’s Lake, well north of Nanimo and drove a long way thru forest cut down to the toothpicks by McMillan Bloedel only to find the lakeshore bumper to bumper with RV’s from CA. No place for a tent!

    One of the memorable cabins on 70’s trip was “Addison’s bungalows” in Radium Hot Springs just across the road from the springs, rustic, clean, little wood fireplaces. Very restfull.

  2. Thanks for the comment Roger! I agree that cabin and campsite reviews would be a great help. Everything is geared for rvs now it seems. I’ll have to dig up my log book and see what I can do. 🙂

  3. What an amazing to discover new treats. This is what’s going to make your business stand out. The fact that theres a little bit of every one in your family inside your business.

  4. Travelling has expanded my worldview, a lot. One of the things that helped me appreciate the world and diversity was lots of travel in my teens. I’m grateful my parents let me do that.

    I still LOVE travel and hope to continue doing a lot of it this year.

    Great post!

  5. I very much have the travel bug. My family and I have taken trips, but not near enough. I am hoping to remedy that starting next year when my wife finishes school.

    I really believe it is one of the best ways to get a family to bond together while at the same time expanding the minds of all involved.

    Looks like you and your family are having a blast!

  6. Thanks Josue! I try to bring all of me to work every day. And I encourage my bakers to do the same. Sometimes I don’t think they believe me, but I do!

  7. Thanks Blessing. It’s a gift I’m giving to my kids and want to take my turn at too. I’ve been all over North America but I want to get to other continents soon.

  8. We sure are. A day trip to Saskatoon or a month on Vancouver Island. It’s all great fun and it’s so awesome to watch the kids grow comfortable in strange situations. Tents and hostels make for grounded kids. 🙂

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