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About Me #

Hi, I'm Mark and I'm a baker. I also write things and I talk a whole bunch too.

Things I'm doing #

Things I've done #

If you're inclined to dig through my writing archives you'll uncover a few layers of past projects and adventures. Some work highlights from front to back:

But outside of all the projects and businesses and community building and coaching work, I keep coming back to writing about three things: connection, community and collaboration. As in, working together, human to human, to make our lives inwardly rich and our world healthy and vibrant.

About this website #

This is where all my writing goes. From at least five disparate blogs and websites going back to 2006. I have a website problem, you see. I start them, and fill them up, then abandon them for a new project. But in the spring of 2023 I finally pulled them all into one spot. Blogs you've never heard of, like:

And more recent posts from my coaching, storytelling and community-building work.


Contact #

I've got email! Send me a note at