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Mark Dyck is a baker who writes.

Welcome to my personal website, where I share conversations, thoughts, rants and love notes. The site also holds every episode of my long running podcast, Rise Up! The Baker Podcast.

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Rise Up! #207 - Karen Bornarth and Martin Barnett

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Built in the open.

You know when a new shop opens, and the windows are covered in brown paper or soap so you can't see the renovations? I never understood that. How does the excitement and anticipation build? When we opened our bakery we didn't cover the windows. Folks could look in while we painted the walls and built our walk-in refrigerator.

This website is being built by in the open too. I'm showing my work as I go.

I'm using this space to tinker, to experiment with design and layout, and to learn more about accessibility. You're likely to find a few glitches here and there. If this process grabs you, there's more detail in my about page and the colophon.