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This is at least the fifth iteration of my personal website, going back to 2006 or so.

The pendulum keeps swinging back and forth, from to self-hosted wordpress, to multiple self hosted wordpress blogs, to a 'professional' site on Squarespace.

But the trend towards block based editors makes me frustrated. More and more, I just want to publish words. Write a markdown file, proofread, and ship.

A nostalgic afternoon reading all I could find on the Indieweb, the return (?) to personal websites and hand crafted pages re-ignited a fire that was smouldering inside me. So it's a return to basics for me - minimal design and a focus on writing.

I took much more inspiration than made it into this iteration of the site, but here's where I'm at:

What's in #

The site is built with Eleventy and deployed on Netlify. Eleventy lets me write markdown and publish with a single command and I am so grateful for that. And its creator, leader, chief maintainer Zach Leatherman is earnest and funny in equal measure.

The site began via the Eleventy Base Blog starter but with some interesting (to me) additions:

What's to come #

Perpetual Construction #

So. I'm going to be adding more words -- new words and bringing back old words from my 15+ years of baking and blogging.

And at the same time, I'll be changing how the words look. Tweaking styles, adding stuff in an unhurried way. What fun.