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A Mother's Day Treat: The Basket of Baking, For Brunch

Mother's Day is just around the corner.  Sunday, May 10.  Aieee!  That's next week!

Not to worry.  We have you covered.  We've been working for weeks on building the best ever Mother's Day Basket for your Mom.

As is tradition at Orange Boot Bakery, our Mother's Day basket contains special treats that we don't make on a regular basis at the bakery.  Why is that? The easy answer is we're a little crazy.  But the truth is that Mom's are special people and we want to go above and beyond for your Mom every year.  Only our best work for her.

Last year we called the basket "Mom's Beautiful Breakfast Basket" and it was a huge hit, selling out within a few days.  But we realize that, especially on her special day, your Mom deserves to sleep in a bit.  So we're calling this year's basket The Basket of Baking, for Brunch. It's full of goodies for Mom with extra to share.  Or if the basket is really for Grandma, there's enough in it for an awesome tea party.

Here's the everything you'll get in each basket:

  • Two strawberry muffins, with strawberries from the St. Paul's Strawberry Fair, no less;
  • One mini tea loaf.  Cindy and Jen are still fighting over whether the Oatmeal Apricot Breakfast Loaf or a Honey Banana Poppy Loaf will score more points with Mom.  They're deciding tomorrow and (I've tasted them both) either way it will be great;
  • Three mini Saskatoon cinnamon buns, baked together in a heart shaped mould.  All cozy together just like when you and Mom and the siblings would cuddle on the couch on a winter's night. But with Saskatoons this time;
  • a 250 gram bag of Cindy's Home Made Granola, using Cindy's secret recipe;
  • If your Mom is one of those ladies who thinks it's not "baking" unless it's a dessert square, well, we've got a dessert square for you too!  Now, Cindy forgot to tell Jen this part until today, so dessert square details are still a secret.  But for sure it will be scratch made and delicious!  No Costco nanaimo bars here;
  • There needs to be some bread in there too, so I'm making a special Cinnamon Raisin Braid for that perfect Brunch piece of toast;
  • Speaking of toast, let's not forget about something to put on the toast.  Your basket will have a jar of Michelle's best Zee Bee Honey.  Yum!
  • And finally, something to drink.  Our friend Jule at Cuppa T has selected a satchel of her best tea to go along with this stellar brunch basket.  Thanks Jule!

Each Basket of Baking (for Brunch) is beautifully packaged in an actual basket and decorated up real nice.  It's also tied shut with a ribbon to help you avoid nibbling while you deliver your special gift.

Baskets are $45 each and can be picked up at the bakery on Saturday, May 9, between 12 noon and 4pm.

Now for the scary part:  Baskets must be pre-ordered and quantities are very limited!  We will be making 40 baskets this year and no more.  Literally.  We only have 40 baskets.  So please order now so you don't miss out!

You can order in person at the bakery, by phone (306-584-2668), or using the order form below.

If you order below, just enter 'Mother's Day Basket' in the form and we'll know what you mean!