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A walk down memory lane.

[image still driving down that long, lonesome highway]

When I was 14 or so I used to spend my spring break at my Aunt's in Calgary. Mom would put my sister and me on the bus, or the train, or in the passenger seat of my cousin Barry's semi and we'd hang out for a week in Cowtown.

The best part was the walk from my aunt's apartment to downtown. We'd leave around 9AM and walk by ourselves, in the cool morning sun, breathing the crisp clean air (inbetween the diesel fumes of the big trucks), stopping at cool shops along 17ave or 14st.

We'd meet our aunt for lunch before wandering around downtown for the afternoon, then meeting again to drive home at 5.

What fun for a teenager! Who would ever let their kids do this today? I wouldn't, and I bet my aunt wouldn't either. But it didn't seem like a big deal 30 years ago.

I was taken right back to 1980 this morning as I walked from the car dealership (new tires) to Robins for a coffee. Cool morning, crisp clean air, and brilliant sunshine. Sure, it's the Regina Auto Mile and not 17ave, but it sure felt great.

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