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About the Company

In January 2007, this was what the site was about

I was having lunch with a work colleague (he has since retired) and he mentioned that he was frustrated that he couldn’t get an internal blog started. I thought, “that’s odd”, since there are a lot of good, free blog services available. So I started this blog to prove it.

Here’s the plan:

  • post a bit, to show how relevant, interesting ideas can be aggregated in one place.

  • invite my work colleagues to come to the blog to read it, comment and contribute (maybe within this blog, maybe with their own blog.)

  • promote RSS services like Google Reader to show people how they can bring my posts (and other, even better posts) to one place.

When this gets some traction, and our security group/corporate communications folks get scared, I’ll show them how we can bring the whole thing in-house with the same software (available at Voila! An internal blog service, with pre-built community!

Wish me luck!

In August 2008, this is what the site was about

I read things. I learn things. I talk to people. Every three months my notebook is full and I get a new one. But my ideas aren't getting any momentum. Since I'm responsible for parts of the marketing strategy, that's bad.

The formal, approved way to publish strategies is to write executive items and create powerpoint charts. No problem there. But that's the worst way to collaborate and spread ideas.

So I'm going to write here, share what I learn and over time some themes will emerge. Your comments will help that happen. When the themes get solid, I'll rewrite them into Executive Items and powerpoints.

Geez Louise! This is on the Internet!!!

Yes it is. Take some deep, cleansing breaths. Ahhh...feeling better?

It's on the internet because I can set it up easily and it will integrate with feed readers like Google Reader. That way you can get public ideas in the same place as my ideas.

But this is a private blog -- invitation only. I think these kinds of things should be public, so customers and partners can see what we're thinking about and add their comment, but that's a corporate hill I'm not willing to climb right now.