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Alexis Hughes-Williams is balancing her Nashville popup bakery with running a women's non-profit

Alexis Hughes-Williams

Photo via Twitter

In the final podcast before the Holidays, I chat with a woman who is bringing the sweet stuff to the people of Nashville, Tennessee. And Alexis Hughes-Williams is doing so much more too.

We talk about all the things - from growing up in Wisconsin, to the pros and cons of starting Something Sweet via pop-ups, to her plans for national expansion thanks to her large, well dispersed family. It was so great to hear about how Alexis is bringing her great-grandma’s recipes to live through her bakery.

And yet, even with all the tasty treats, Alexis is also running a non-profit organization that encourages and empowers young women called Girl unKnown. We talk about the balancing act that requires as well.

All that, a Christmas story, a Bakers4Bakers update and the launch of the Rise Up! Volunteer Supporter program too. This show is as jam packed as a Holiday cookie box!