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Arrived at Pacific Rim National Park

We had a nice drive over the mountains to Pacific Rim park this afternoon. Opted to stay at the national park rather than Tofino - the sites are bigger, more secluded and cheaper. No showers though - it'll be 8 days minimum between showers at this rate.

We're getting exposed to the crowds that are attracted to the island already. We can only stay till Friday since the campground is booked solid on Friday, and the hostel is full on Saturday too. In the Maritimes we didn't have issues till August so having this happen so soon is a surprise. We therefore decided to take an hour and map out the trip in a little more detail and start making some reservations. Second draft looks like this:

  • Tofino till Friday
  • head to Comox and a motel to shower and chill
  • head to Powell River for 4 days
  • back to Nanaimo just in front of the long weekend (got some new restaurants to check out!).
  • Day trip to Gabriola on Saturday and hopefully finf the brick oven construction project.
  • head to French Beach for 4 days
  • finish back in Victoria before heading home

I'll spend some time tomorrow making reservations to be on the safe side. Hopefully there's still time!