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Seth Godin has a new course out. This one is about podcasting. He announced it this morning and I already have the signup page in front of me, with the cursor hovering over the submit button.

A month ago, it was the Bootstrapper's workshop. The month before that, the Marketing Seminar. Last year, the altMBA (which I actually took.)

What is it about me and Seth's projects that makes me want to drop all my work and join up?

It's not the information, although it's relevant and helpful.

Often it's not even filling a knowledge gap. I mean, I just shipped my 29th podcast this morning. And I'm already bootstrapping three projects. I know how to do this.

But Seth is the master of connection. I'm desperate to meet the other people who sign up for the session. To see what they are making. To help them succeed. To be part of a larger cohort of bootstrappers, of marketers, of podcasters.

Really, to be part of his cohort of bootstrappers, marketers and podcasters.

Because what Seth has built over the years is a reputation of doing things a certain way. With purpose, clarity and generosity. I want to build the same reputation, as do the others he attracts.

People like us. That's what we all want. And Seth has brought us together once again.

But I'm not signing up today.

As much as I want to, yearn to, I'm not going to do it.

Because it's my lizard brain, my Resistance, that is screaming at me to press the sign up button this morning. It knows that if I sign up, I'll be 'all in' for the next six weeks, spending hour after hour in the new group, with my new friends, helping them go forward. And I'll spend six weeks describing, in great detail, how I want to move forward too.

All of that feels so, so, good. I want it so badly. But I know that it will delay me from actually moving forward.

I'll be back in Dream mode instead of Ship mode.

So I have to say no. I must, respectfully, decline.

This is soooo difficult to do, but it's the right call for now.