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Body Surfing in the Pacific

Great day on the Pacific Rim today. It's been cold and cloudy every day and today was no exception, until about 1PM when the skies cleared, the sun shone and it warmed up quite a bit. By 2PM we had picked up a couple boogie boards and were off to the beach!

Long Beach is without a doubt the nicest natural beach I've ever seen. It's got to be at least a mile of clear, clean sand, shallow (and kinda warm) water and great waves. Over to out left are massive rocks which are great fun to climb so long as you stay back from the water (crashing waves could kill you or at least mess you up.) On the other side of the rocks is another beach, in case the 25 people on Long Beach cramp your style.

The kids body surfed for at least 3 hours while I walked about, swam about, laid about and finished my book.*

Once again, our kids were the only ones brave enough to actually swim - I guess it's still cold for some. But they had a great time and so did I.

*Book #1 of the trip is "Twenty Two Foreigners in Funny Shorts - the Intelligent Fan's Guide to the World Cup" by Pete Davies. It's about my fifth reading but I still enjoy it.