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Book Box Treasure

I was walking down a street I rarely travel today and checked out a hidden Little Free Library. Inside was a very nice edition of Clive James' memoir Unreliable Memoirs.

Now, I don't know anything about Clive James or his memoir. What got me excited was this was a Folio Society edition. These are specially printed, limited edition hardcover books with custom cover designs and sturdy slipcases. This particular edition was printed in 2010, based on a book that was originally published in 1980.

The cover is fantastic. Deep yellow cloth with a stamped cartoon drawing. And the slipcase is red paper on stiff board.

Folio Society edition of 'Unreliable Memoirs' by Clive James.

I'll read the book, for sure, but I'm going to keep it to study the construction. I've been learning about bookbinding lately, mainly by watching the excellent DAS Bookbinding channel on YouTube. Darryn Schneider is an Australian bookbinder who makes the most thorough and informative videos on all forms of bookbinding and conservation. I'm enthralled by his work and would love to practice this craft one day.

I have this dream of making my own cloth covered binders and rigid slipcases for my stamp collection. Or rebinding some old, out of print philatelic literature, or a set of Breadlines magazines from the Bread Bakers Guild. Or even making some single section pamphlets (whether blank journals, hand written anarchist manifestos, or both) to give as gifts.

For now, I'll be content watching DAS and studying this Folio Society volume. Cindy's not ready for me to start another hobby yet.

PS - The Little Free Libraries work so well because they are based on the 'give a book, take a book' principle. Don't worry, if I keep this book I'll be giving away a few titles from my shelves.