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Can I Bake in a Wheelchair?

Mark loading the oven

I’m just barely getting the hang of loading the oven on my feet.  But next week I’ll be doing this from a wheelchair.

When the Canadian Paraplegic Association became our new neighbours last year I started to think a lot more about the challenges of living and working in a wheelchair.  Those cracks in our sidewalks looked bigger.  So did the potholes in our parking lot and our "blowin' in the wind" front door.   So when Sheila asked me to be a Chair Leader on May 7, I said Yes right away.  I want to show just how much I can (or can't) accomplish in a normal baking shift.

  • Can I reach the bench to shape dough?
  • Can I load the oven?  Do dishes?
  • What if I'm a customer?  Can I actually navigate the new ramp our landlord put in last summer?  Can I make it along the sidewalk?
  • I usually have a delivery to make on Wednesdays.  How is that going to work?

Oh dear.  This really will be a challenge.

But that's the point of the whole event.  To raise awareness of what people with spinal cord injuries have to deal with every day.  And to shine a light on what needs to be fixed so everyone can get around barrier free.

So come see how I do on the morning of May 7.  But more importantly, please donate now. I know I'm going to screw up lots and find a hundred things that need fixing.  And there's a thousand other things that need fixing around Saskatchewan to make the province more accessible.  That's what the Paraplegic Association does -- they help people with spinal cord injuries find accessible housing, get to work, and work in accessible workplaces.  Your donation will help the CPA provide even more services to folks right here in Saskatchewan. Tell your friends that you helped us out and get them to help us out too.  Tweet, Facebook, Tumble or Stumble.  Come Snapchat or Instagram or Pin as I struggle through a bake shift.  Whatever it takes.  But donate now.  Thanks.