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Chilling out in PEI

The house we're staying in is nice and big, which is helpful when you're trying to travel as a party of 12. We've grooved travelling as the four of us but add another eight people who are related but don't have a ton of stuff in common is challenging. But it's a good challenge!

We have great views off the back lawn, with a massive sandbar which will be a joy to explore around. Just not today. We're collectively pressing our luck with the weather and will travel to Cavendish on the sunny day.

I better hit Publish now as we're loading up the cars. Off to find a tiny village with tourist stuff, a nice beach, stuff for the kids to do, shopping, scenic vistas, crashing surf, fishing boats, a used bookstore, a river, no bugs and possibly a Walmart. But no unicorns required. That would be crazy.

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