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Coffee Time

A few weeks ago, I told you about how we introduced croissants, danishes and bear claws at the bakery, inspired in no small part by a tiny coffee shop in San Francisco called Caffe Puccini. I was a little surprised that nobody asked about the big missing ingredient in that post -- where's the coffee?

Well we've got that too. I'm pleased to let you know that Orange Boot Bakery now has a selection of premium espresso, fine tea and hot chocolate, available 'to-go' every day.

Our drinks lineup has a distinct local flavour, even with exotic concoctions like coffee and tea. We are using coffee beans that have been roasted right here in Regina, at Roca Jack's on 13th Avenue and Green Spot downtown.

After much testing and tinkering, we've got the right combination of beans, grind, pressure and temperature to make an excellent espresso. We might still tinker with the beans a bit, but we'll be keeping the roasting local. It's important to support local businesses when we're buying ingredients, in the same way you support us when you buy at Orange Boot.

Our tea comes from Jule at Cuppa T on 13th Avenue. We got to know Jule this summer as we were neighbours at the Regina Farmer's Market and we learned a lot about how serious she is about sourcing the highest quality, cleanest tea blends from all over the world. She's as serious about tea as we are about baking, so it's a very good match (and her tea infused ice cream in summer is amazing!)

We're going to build out our drink selection over time, just like our baked offerings. What we do next is a blend of our personal inspiration along with your feedback and input. So let us know what you want to see at the shop -- we've already had requests for decaf espresso for example.  Comment on this post, fire us an email or tell us at the shop, just don't be shy!

Photo by Alan Jakub