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Death of the Phone Company

I just re-read a Telco 2.0 post called Death of the Phone Company. I understand more of it now than the first time but I’m still not sure I get it all. It’s a long post — there is likely more than one nugget in there. Any tips?

Here’s what I think it means:

  • Context (where you are / what you are doing) will drive the interface of all new “applications” –> cf. Forrester’s “Content Centric Applications

  • Talk or Voice will be only one feature of these applications. One of several ways to communicate with someone.

  • The web 2.0 ’social network’ apps / services are the key apps of the future. More and more, those are the ‘places’ people will be when they want to communicate or collaborate.

  • Telcos don’t own the context today; the application providers do.

  • If Telcos are losing the context, what are they going to do? Build their own social networking apps and try to grow market share, or partner with the app providers and make improve the overall customer experience?

  • Telcos have 2-5 years to figure this out or risk losing relevance (and revenue)