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Eat the Town: The Best of BBC Scotland

The BBC often gets a bad rap in the UK, but I love it. And I got to dig into the current offerings on our recent trip to see the kids. Most of the places we stayed had a TV but didn't really have much for channels, but they did have various on demand / streaming services, live BBC IPlayer and the Channel 4 app.

We hit the jackpot in Inverness, when I figured out how to get the BBC Scotland shows to appear on IPlayer. We watched the Scottish Match of the Day, and then the creme de la creme, Eat the Town.

Eat the Town is the anti-Scottish travel show. Instead of sweeping vistas and lots of hiking, Natalie and Dazza head to the small towns and spend the day eating and seeing the local attractions. And they enjoy every second.

The show is brilliant. We binged watched every episode in two evenings. It's a down home, feel good show and the two hosts are absolutely hilarious.

It reminds me so much of The Prairie Diner, a local food show back in Saskatchewan that visited small town diners (and our very own Orange Boot Bakery!) But where Prairie Diner was a food show hosted by a comedian, Eat the Town is a travel show, with hosted by genuine folks who happen to be funny as heck.

I highly recommend the full episodes on IPlayer, and even getting a VPN if necessary. But here's a brief taste via YouTube.