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First Bake!

I've got to post some pictures soon (sorry!) but I had to shout out. My Brick Oven is now a Bread Oven! Yippee!!

I fired up the oven on Sunday and baked three batches of bread: some french loaves, semolina bread and seven grain bread. It was quite the adventure since I had no idea how long it was going to take to fire the oven so I mis-timed the dough pretty badly. Cooler oven than I'd like and over-risen dough but you know what, it was great fun and the bread tasted pretty good too. No complaints from my co-workers, that's for sure.

It was fun working with larger quantities -- in the end I baked 28 700g loaves, a big pan of granola and even baked off our supper. A very long day but very exhilirating. I can hardly wait for the next baking day!