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Frommers redeemed: Royal BC Museum is Excellent

The Royal BC Museum, nestled between the legislature and the Empress Hotel, is an excellent destination for people wanting to learn more about Vancouver Island and the West Coast of Canada. The first level describes the natural history, focusing on the coastal wildlife (from grizzlys to elk to sea lions) and ocean life (from sea stars to sea cucumbers to the ever popular rockfish) There's even a full size Wolly Mammoth that's, well, mammoth.

The second level is dedicated to a superb account of west coast native culture and history, both before and after European contact. It was wonderful and I lingered over the displays till the kids couldn't take it anymore.

The native culture exhibit was a big contrast to the tour of the legislative building across the street, which never mentions ANY culture in BC other than British.

The Royal BC Museum is easily my second favorite museum in Canada, behind only our own Royal Saskatchewan. And at 43 dollars admission vs free in Regina, we're still the best value.