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I've been trying really hard to be generous with the backyard bakery.  Making extra large loaves, being accommodating around special requests and the like.

But sometimes I'm my own worst enemy.   Take this week for example.

I opted out of baking on Saturday because that's Remembrance Day.  I don't want to be working that day - it's a day for veterans and for peace.  So I moved the second bake day to Sunday instead.

The only thing is, nobody was ordering for Sunday.  Maybe 20 loaves total, spread across 5 kinds.  4 Seeded Rye.  2 Pain de Campagne.  1 demi baguette.

It's crazy.  It's a waste of wood to get the brick oven hot for 3 half bakes.  And how do I even mix a single 300g baguette?

So I cancelled Sunday's bake, but offered to bake the bread on Friday along with the Friday orders.  Friday wasn't so big; one extra bake will cover it.

But I forgot about the varieties.

I'm off to bed early tonight, because tomorrow I have 10 mixes to do.  Granted, some are quite small (those 10 mixes will cover 5 bakes) but it's going to be a pretty hairy day to keep everything straight and hopefully have everything proof at a predictable rate.

But you know what?  That's the point of the whole project.  To be generous.  To go the extra mile for people.  So I'm not complaining, even a little bit.

I don't want to waste wood (hence cancelling Sunday) but I also won't disappoint my bread buddies.  So I've made good notes, double checked all the labels on my little preferment containers and will give it an honest go in the morning.

I'll keep you posted...