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Get Specific

If you read enough blog posts and Medium articles, you'll quickly develop a catalogue of trigger words to be wary of.

Three triggers for me are "2019", "dead" and "versus".

For example:

Do Online Courses Work in 2019? Well, Brad Traversy has 600,000 YouTube subscribers and writes Udemy courses just for them.

Is Email Marketing Dead? Seth seems to be doing OK. So does Steven Pressfield. As do newer email newsletter writers like Austin Kleon and Margo Aaron.

Teachable vs. Udemy: Which is better for small business? People never seem to finish Udemy courses. And yet, Brad's doing just fine.

The answer is always "it depends."

It depends on what you are trying to accomplish. And it depends on who you are trying to serve.

I seem to repeat the same questions, but what is it for? And who is it for?

This is the reason that so many marketing teachers stress the concepts of Minimum Viable Product and, even more importantly, Minimal Viable Audience.

What is the smallest offering you can make that will thrill that small group of very specific people? How do they want to be reached? How do they want to connect with your work?

There is your answer.