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Great start for Canada at Gold Cup

OK, I'm only posting this to draw your attention to the excellent Footie Fool blog. It's fantastic -- he follows Canadian soccer better than anyone.

But, did you catch the match last night? What a stunner. Costa Rica played really well in Germany last year so I didn't expect much from Canada. Once Costa Rica went up 1-0 I figured that was it, so what do we do? Just go down and get two goals back! In the last 10 minutes (plus an unbearable four minutes of injury time) the Canadians carried the play and had several chances for a third goal.

I didn't have the tape delay problems like the folks in Victoria, but I did have the challenge of two kids wanting hockey updates and a dog that was aggressively playful. As a result I missed both Canadian goals. Unbelievable. Not even a replay. Sat through three hours of Stanley Cup post-game and still didn't see anything. Anyone have a link to some highlights?

Closing thought: In Mr. Fools review of the match he pines for some better announcers for the next Gold Cup broadcast. Agreed! They actually read out the names and numbers of each starting player. Wow.

What's the deal with North American non-latin announcers hyper-embellishing all the spanish names, anyway? British announcers seem to be OK with calling Ronaldo, well, Ronaldo. No need to roll every R, A, O and sometimes D. By the time this guy finished saying Jose Francisco Porras after a save, the Costa Rican keeper had got up (jose), found the ball (francisco) and sent it back down the pitch (porrrrrras.)