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Growing a Champion

Every winter I get a copy of the Vesey's Seed Catalogue in the mail. The vegetables pictured in the catalogue always get me pumped for spring. One of my favorite pictures is of Howard Dill's "Atlantic Giant" pumpkins. These are the World Record pumpkins, routinely over 600 pounds each.

So today, as we left the Annapolis Valley and headed to Nova Scotia's Eastern Shore, we took a detour to Windsor, NS to check out the Dill Farm.

The picture is of a single pumpkin plant that is ready to be pollinated. They'll pollinate 1 fruit per stem and then cull back to the two fruits which are growing the fastest (ideal is two inches per day!)

That single plant gets the entire bed all to itself; it will take the whole 20x20 bed to feed those massive squash.

I'd love to come back in seven weeks and see how they're shaping up!

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