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More Saturday Linkage

Another week, another set of links to share. Here's what I found interesting this week:

  • Commitments Instead of Statements: My reminder to stop venting and start doing. I'm no politician, but I still need the reminder. (Apologies to the blogger who put me on to this excellent article. I forgot to record the source!)

  • Bricks to Borrow: There's a UK subscription service where for £9.99 per month you can borrow LEGO sets. They will even mail them to you. Oh how I want this! (via Phil Gyford)

  • Martin Luther in the West Village: Twenty Five Theses: Polite requests for that mansion going up across the street (via McSweeneys)

  • Self Host All The Things?: The more I try to simplify my apps, the more I want to cancel all my subscriptions and host 'my' entire internet on a Raspberry Pi in my living room. This Tedium article whet my appetite; Alex Bilson (Steps to Self Hosting) and Derek Sivers (Tech Independence) are sending me deeper down the rabbit hole.

  • To Watch at Home: Freaks and Errors: A Rare Collection: This 2017 documentary on stamps and the people who collect them is one of the best portrayals of my favourite hobby since the invention of colour film. I've watched it twice so far.

  • To Watch in the Theatre: Lebanese Burger Mafia: If you're from the prairies, you've likely been to Burger Baron. This new documentary tells the story of this loosely held burger franchise and the Lebanese immigrants to run them. We're going to the Vic Theatre this week to see it, and will likely have a full review in the coming days. I can't wait!