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My Christmas List

Modernist Bread: Art and Science
According to my mailbox and the 25 pounds of flyers I received last week, it is officially Christmas Season.  Time to string up the lights (we string ours indoors because I'm scared of heights) and go hunting for a tree (conifer preferred.)

So I guess it's not too early to publish my Christmas List.

This year is easy.  A book.  A Bread Book.

OK, it's a 6 volume, 2600 page, $550 bread book, but still...

It's called Modernist Bread: Art and Science.  It's also legitimately a tome.

I don't know too much about the author, other than he's a former Microsoft employee who is more than rich enough to nerd out on food.  Or in the case of this book, bread.

I read an article on the author / book today and the books seem really interesting.  One entire volume is about the farmer-miller-baker supply chain, which I find fascinating.

So if you have any pull with the Big Guy - either Mr. Claus or the Head of Circulation at Regina Public Library - please put in a good word for me.

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