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New Subscription Thingy Now Available!

One of the problems people have been mentioning is not getting emails from the Orange Boot. The main reason is that I forget to add you to my Outlook email list. That's pretty risky for both of us -- we miss out on a regular customer and you miss out on good bread. Booo!

I think I can fix that. Now you can subscribe to updates from the website. Just check over on the sidebar where it says 'Subscribe.' Over there, on the right hand side of the screen ----> See the two links? "Subscribe by email" will 100% guarantee that you will get every single update on this site sent to your email inbox. "Subscribe in a reader" will let you get updates sent to your favorite RSS feed reader (if you don't know about RSS, just stick with email.)

Either way, in three clicks or less you'll be guaranteed never to miss an update, and never miss a chance to get some great bread. Yay!