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New Variations on Old Favorites

Hi Everyone,

Ok, I'm a wimp. Yup. A big wimp. I know I've lived in Regina all my life, and it's always cold and windy at the end of February. But I don't care. I still have a tough time dealing with it. I keep trying to find pleasure in the brilliant sunshine but it's hard when the windchill wants to make bits of me fall off. But even with the cold and wind we managed to haul some more firewood and test some new recipes, so we're ready to bake for you this week!

We've got two variations on some old favorites for you this week:

Orange Boot Birdseed bread: This is a new, improved version of our loaf that is chock full of seeds and grains. First, the seeds: we've got flax, sunflower and sesame seeds and even some millet if I can round it up by Friday. Then the grains: how about white flour, whole wheat, rye and oat flakes too. All combined it has a nice wheaty, peppery aroma and a great texture.

  • Orange Boot Birdseed Bread, 650g loaf, $4.00

Semolina Bread: Our semolina loaf is a mix of bread flour and durum semolina flour for a nice crunchy crust and golden crumb. The traditional S shape and dusting of sesame seeds will benefit from the shaping and seeding lessons I picked up at school. Yum!

  • Orange Boot Semolina, 500g loaf, $3.50

The Orange Boot Baguette: I've fallen in love with these sweet, wheaty treats. I hope you will too. I'm working on duplicating the luscious baguettes we made in school with the high protein flour that is milled in Saskatchewan. Come see how it's coming along.

Please note: The baguettes are best eaten the day they are baked. They go with pretty much any dinner so plan for some good bread for supper Friday!

  • Orange Boot Baguette, 350g, free on Friday if you order in advance.

As is our custom, please order by 6pm on Wednesday by sending an email to Your bread will be ready for pickup on Friday between 3PM and 6PM at 2904 Wascana Street (around back in the garage, just past the oven.)

One other wild card this week -- I'm committed to a meeting at my day job between 4-5PM on Friday. Cindy and Robyn will at the bakery to see you all, and are looking forward to it too, but if you want to chat about San Francisco I won't be there till after 5PM.

============= What's Happening at the Orange Boot ============

  • We've got a ton of wood that should last us through the rest of the winter now. Thanks to Perry for the truck and trailer (and heavy lifting) and of course Kent for the wood. Make sure to see Woodland Tree Service for all your pruning, planting and tree repair needs!

  • We've got a new website! I moved us over to our own domain. Now you can find out all about the bakery at

  • I'll be sending out a separate email this week about a new way to receive updates from the Orange Boot. It will be simple for you to get updates as well as tell your friends about us too!