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Orange Boot #9: Rider Pride and Frozen Toes

Hello Bread Lovers!

I spent far too long yesterday reflecting on how I could feel so darn happy after watching football on TV this weekend. Very entertaining 2-0 win by Arsenal over Wigan Athletic on Saturday and a pretty darn special CFL game on Sunday. I know I'm not the only one thinking how things have changed in our lives since the last time the Grey Cup came to Saskatchewan. One example -- we received lots of nice comments about how our Herb Focaccia was a tasty addition to your Grey Cup parties; in 1989 the only wheat products I consumed came in an amber bottle...

As promised, we're offering our "Sweet and Savory" specials again this week along with a basic (but exceptional) french loaf. We want to keep the number of varieties each week small so we can focus on producing bread of a very high quality.

#1: There's nothing ordinary about our Pain Ordinaire - our french loaf is given an extra slow rise to extract the most flavour from our organic flour.

  • French Loaf (Pain Ordinaire), 700g Batard, $3.50

#2 (Sweet Special): Cranberry Walnut Celebration Bread. This is a very pretty sweet loaf, with six strands of dough all braided together and baked till a golden brown. A luxurious treat with a hint of oranges and as many cranberries and nuts as we can cram in there! We were overwhelmed by the response last week -- I wish I took a picture of our prep table laid out with over 150 little dough strands waiting to be braided!

  • Cranberry Walnut Celebration Bread, 850g Braided Loaf, $7.00 Note: If you’ve got a large gathering, we’d be glad to make a 1.2kg behemoth for you for $9.00. #3 (Savory Special): Herb and Garlic Focaccia. This amazing flatbread is built over two days for maximum flavour and then we go over the top with a home-made herb oil. Wow! This is sold as a slab which you can cut up for guests or tear apart with gusto.

  • Orange Boot Herb Focaccia, 8”x12” slab, $4.00

As is our custom — please order by 6PM on Wednesday by sending an email to or calling (306) 522-1592. Your bread will be ready for pickup between 3PM and 6PM on Friday and can be picked up at 2904 Wascana Street. If you need the bread delivered I can do that after 6:00PM Friday but please call in advance to arrange for delivery.

We promise to reply and confirm every email order we receive. So if you don't hear from us within 24 hours please call or email again.

Best wishes this week!

=== What's Happening at the Orange Boot? ===

Lots, as usual!

First off, we're pleased to announce that our daughter Robyn has taken over the position of VP of Replies and Keeper of the Order List. She'll be confirming all your orders from now on and making sure I bake the right things.

Second, I'm fretting over how the oven will perform now that the weather has turned extra cold. We'll be paying close attention to the firing time on Thursday to make sure the oven is good and hot come bake time.

Finally, we're trying to find the right balance between baking old favorites (multigrain, birdseed, cheddar-chive) while also getting our wild yeast breads and lean doughs just right. We're working on a monthly bake schedule so that you can stock up on your favorites and we can still experiment with new varieties too. More news to come next week!