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Orange Boot Week 7: All-Request Baking!

It was great to get back to baking last week. The weather has been remarkable all fall and that continued. Each week is a little colder but the sun keeps trying to warm us up!

Last week was a great example of what we mean when we say we're still starting up. The combination of extra-fast rising and a too-hot oven meant our semolina loaf was not up to our standards. So, several of our customers got shorted on their order. It was double disappointing because we haven't been able to share our favorite loaf at its best -- yet.

This Week: we've received several requests for specific varieties so some of your favorites are making a re-appearance on our menu:

#1: Our "birdseed" loaf is a slightly sweet multi-grain loaf chock-full of roasted pumpkin, sunflower and flax seeds. The seeds add extra crunchiness and pack a lot of flavour!

  • Orange Boot Birdseed Bread, 800g Sandwich Loaf, $4.00

#2: Our Cheddar-Chive torpedo is a big favorite as well. Potatoes are added to the dough for extra smoothness, fresh chives are mixed in for a great herb flavour and aged cheddar cheese adds a lovely bite. This loaf looks great and tastes even better.

Note: The limiting ingredient here is the amount of fresh chives I can find in November. Please order as much as you like but we may have to limit quantities.

Cheddar-Chive Torpedo, 600g, $5.00

#3: We'll bake it later in the day, when the oven's cooler. We'll have a dedicated person watching the dough rise. We'll never give up! Pane Sicliano is on the menu again. This deep brown ‘S’ shaped loaf contains Durum flour in the dough and roasted sesame seeds on top.

  • Semolina Loaf (Pane Siciliano), 500g loaf, $3.50

As is our custom — please order by 6PM on Wednesday by sending an email to or calling (306) 522-1592. Your bread will be ready for pickup between 3PM and 6PM on Friday, November 16 and can be picked up at 2904 Wascana Street. If you need the bread delivered I can do that after 6:00PM Friday but please call in advance to arrange for delivery.

We promise to reply and confirm every email order we receive. So if you don’t hear from us within 24 hours please call or email again.

=== What’s Happening at the Orange Boot? ===

We're really pleased to announce that we have an official flour supplier! Bob Balfour at R&J Milling in Riceton, Saskatchewan is an organic grain farmer who mills several varieties of flour, including the unbleached white flour and semolina flour we've used over the past several weeks. We're going to be working with Bob to test new flours over the next few months. Stay tuned!