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Original Music for Internet Video

I've been mesmerized by several really good online videos lately. They are visually stunning but I realize now that I'm attracted to the music as much as anything -- original music which really matches the tempo of the video.

I was a big New Order fan in the 80's so perhaps this is a throwback to New Age music but there's something new to it as well. For one, I find it a lot more soothing and inspiring. Music for Web 2.0? Music for the last half of the '00s? I don't know what to call it, but I like it.

Here's three examples of incredible videos which are made even better by the music:

#1: I saw this video about to transition from text to hypertext to xml to Web 2.0 on Chris Anderson's Long Tail Blog

#2: Here's a great take-off PowerPoint presentations, which I first saw over at Presentation Zen

#3: Another from Presentation Zen which links to a video on Trusted Computing:

(alas, the video was deleted sometime between 2007 and 2023 😕)

Cool Tunes or what?