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Our 2nd True Friends Contest

Since last Friday, when we officially turned Two Years Old (I still can't believe it!) and launched our 2nd annual True Friends contest, a LOT of people have come into the bakery to enter. And everyone we've told about the contest has said some variation of "Oh Wow" or "How Cool!", which makes us pretty happy.

The contest is open for a little over one more week. I hope you enter, several times if necessary.

Before the contest closes, I want to explain more about what the contest is and why we thought it up. I think it will help you get a sense of why we do what we do every day.

Bread Brings Friends Together #

A loaf of bread. A jug of wine. Some cheese. A salad. Maybe some meat. The key to a great meal is simple food, shared with the people you love the most.

We think a great loaf of bread can make these simple meals even more special. Maybe it can be the excuse to call up that special someone and share a meal together.

Great bread brings us together too -- you and your bakers, that is. The way we see it, we get up every morning to bake for our friends. Then at 9:30 we open the doors and get to chat with our friends all day. Trust me, it's a great feeling.

Those connections -- from baker, to you, to your friends -- got us thinking. How could we honour these connections between friends?

True Friends Contest #2: Where You Launch Something Amazing #

Here's what we cooked up. We are going to make three beautiful bread baskets and fill it full of the loveliest, most beautiful, tastiest Orange Boot Bread we can fit in there. Then at 6PM on Friday, February 1, we are going to give them away.

But it doesn't stop there. Oh no. You see, these baskets are special. Amazing. Magical even.

Once you empty your basket, give the empty basket to your Very Best Friend. When your friend brings the empty basket back to the bakery, we'll fill it up with Orange Boot Bread, free of charge.

Sound good? We're just getting warmed up!

When your friend is finished enjoying her bread, she can give the empty basket to her Very Best Friend. And when this friend brings the basket to us, we'll fill it up and send it on again.

On and on it goes. A basket of the best bread we can make, passed along from friend to friend.

On a journey that YOU started.


Entering the Contest is Easy #

All you need to do to enter is come into the bakery between the time you get this email and 6PM on Friday, February 1st. Everyone who gets some baking will get an entry form. Fill it in and put it in the impossibly small entry box. That's it!

This is Going to be Awesome #

Ever since Cindy and I cooked up this crazy plan, my mind has been racing.

Who is your Very Best Friend?

How many people will these baskets touch this year?

Who will come through the door next carrying a magic True Friends basket?

When will Kevin Bacon show up?

I can't wait to get this started!