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Regional Shapes

regional bread shapes

We wrapped up the Artisan II course on Friday by spending some time creating decorative bread shapes. Each shape represents a regional variety that is made in a specific French town. For example, you'd find Pain d'Aix in Aix.

The bread is a basic country bread with white and whole wheat flour, which tastes pretty good but seemed bland after the olive bread we baked in the morning!

Let's see if I can pick out the shapes from the picture. Starting at the top left corner and moving clockwise we have:

  • Fleur
  • Fendu
  • Tordu
  • Tabatiere
  • Auvergnat
  • Another Auvergnat with a smaller cap (how did two get in there?!)
  • Vivarais
  • Charleston (a little lumpy)

In the middle is a Corrone Bordelais (my favorite) and the Pain d'Aix, which looks kind of like a bowtie after some red wine. After white wine it looks like a moustache. Trust me on that.