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Remembering Why We're Here

We had a bake sale today at The Day Job to kick off the Christmas festivities.  Cindy's treats were a huge hit.  She's been researching smaller sweet items for the holidays and tried three new items.  The best of the bunch was a chocolate cookie dipped in icing and roasted almonds at one end -- they sort of look like a lit cigar although they don't taste like one at all.   They're fun to eat in three small bites -- the first taste is almonds, followed by chocolate and almonds, and finally pure chocolate.   Yum!

No surprise to you that it's been a while since we've baked for you all.   We really miss it.  The best part of the bake sale was seeing the joy in the eyes of the folks who bought our baking.  That's the best part of our bread baking too.  Not connecting up with you makes this journey to opening even longer.

Goldilocks and the Road to a Real Bakery

Over the last four months we worked long hours getting a lease in place, but with no real success.  We've had two opportunities fall through:  a too-small site near downtown which found us caught between a zoning issue and an impatient landlord, and a too-large site near Taylor Field in which the landlord was wonderful but the building was too large, too soon.

While we learned a lot with both sites and met some very helpful people, we're still searching for a 'just right' location.  Or maybe 'good enough' is a better way to put it.  Big enough for an oven, mixer, refrigeration and, of course, a place for customers to stand, and maybe park nearby.  But not so large we go broke paying rent.

We've got a couple more leads to follow up, and one space with great potential but a very reluctant landlord.  So hopefully we'll have more information to share soon.

Announcing the Bootnik email list

When we started this site I made a few beginner mistakes around keeping everyone in the loop.  I spent some time this fall getting everything pulled together so that all of you can get consistent updates without our email account getting tagged as a spammer.

We're now using an email provider called Mailchimp to send out the emails to everyone who's on our Orange Boot email list -- that is, the (Orange) Bootniks!

People who subscribed to website updates are Bootniks too -- we don't want you to miss out on news and insider info (like the quite-possible-almost-for-sure Bread For The Holidays event.)  This means website subscribers might be getting some updates twice, from the website and the Bootnik list.   If this happens often and it bothers you, fire me an email and I'll fix things up for you.

One More Thing

I almost forgot -- if you're not signed up to our Orange Bootnik list yet, now's the time!  Be the first person on your street to learn about when we finally open the best Artisan Bread bakery in Regina.   Either use the box in the upper right corner of the website or click this link.  Your neighbours will think you're way cool!