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Rise Up! #171 - Bakery Systems

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Are you a baker or a problem solver? Both! And the problems you solve extend far beyond the baker's bench.

In my wanderings this spring I've seen more and more examples of bakeries and coffee shops where their systems, or lack of systems, are letting them down. Staff are confused or stressed, customers are frustrated and the food being made isn't as good as it could be.

It got me thinking, why aren't these systems as good as they could be? What is holding the staff and owners back from working as a cohesive team? And why is it so difficult to be a customer of a bakery with terrible systems?

In this episode of the Rise Up! podcast, we take a look at the state of your bakery's systems, what prevents owners from fixing systems that are letting them down and explore ways to become a systems superstar.

And there's plenty of space at the end for you to ask questions and continue the conversation, by emailing me directly (reach out at mark at riseuppod dot com) or on the forums at

You can listen to this episode on your favourte podcast app, on the Rise Up! website or on the handy player below. Enjoy!