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Rise Up! #177 - Josh Houston of Stark Raving Bread in Sooke, BC

Josh Houston at Moss Street Market

Josh in his happy place; Moss St. Market in Victoria

When Saturday comes round and there’s no bread on my counter, I’m likely to walk over to the Moss St. farmer’s market and look for Josh Houston at Stark Raving Bread.

If he’s at the market, two things are guaranteed. First, the lineup at his stall will be the longest of the market. And second, whatever you pick up will be the well worth the wait.

After two years of trying, I finally sat down with Josh and got the lowdown on his bakery, how he got started baking, how he manages to make such a large variety of baked goods every Saturday, and where he hopes to take his bakery.

Josh’s story is one of many twists and turns, home and away and back again. There’s even some prairie roots in there for good measure. Listen below or over at