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Rise Up! #189 - Maurizio Leo

Maurizio Leo

Back when I was teaching baking classes at the community centre, I kept getting asked about my go-to baking resources. There were two books that I always recommended, but when it came to sourdough bread, I added Maurizio Leo's The Perfect Loaf website. It was, and remains, one of the very best resources for the sourdough baker, with information and explanation that is unparalleled.

So it was a huge thrill to have Maurizio on the podcast. We get into it. Baking and sourdough for sure, but also what it's like to keep a blog going for 10 years straight, before, during and after the pandemic, and be able to raise a family and write an excellent cookbook at the same time. I get to geek out on photography and blogging a bit too.

Maurizio is an awesome fellow and a darn good baker. This is a very fun conversation and I know you'll get a lot out of it.