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Rise Up! #190 - Stefan Spicknell

Stefan Spicknell

Cindy and I visited Cottonrake Bakery in Glasgow twice last summer. First, after a visit to the lovely Botanical Gardens, and the baking was so good we made a special trip to the Great Western Road for a nice lunch a few days later.

The memories of that trip came flooding back when I sat down to talk with owner Stefan Spicknell this spring. It's a fascinating conversation, with Stefan's quiet, humble thoughts contrasting with the hustle and bustle of his bakery. He's had a remarkable journey from Michelin quality chef to baker to businessman, with multiple moments where it might just be easier to quit. But his perseverance, attention to detail and care has won the day. Cottonrake serves his community well and the bakery is in such demand that he's growing, not shrinking.

This was one of my very favourite conversations with a fellow who is rarely online and relatively unknown outside of his neighbourhood in Glasgow. It was a privilege to get to know Stefan a little bit through this talk.