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Rise Up! #194 - Marie-Luce Denis and Brad Labrenz

Brad Labrenz and Marie-Luce Denis

I love seeing partners who bring out the best in each other. The husband and wife team of Brad Labrenz and Marie-Luce Denis are a shining example of this. Brad's quiet demeanor and attention to detail lets him excel in the kitchen, while Marie's design skills, outgoing personality and impeccable taste brings flair to the front of the shop. And over the years, this partnership has helped French50 Bakery grow from a market table, to a pop-up bakery in a rented restaurant, to their own bakery cafe just off Main Street on Okotoks, Alberta.

In this episode I hear all about the bakery journey, for sure. But then we dig into how exactly does a bakery in a small town south of Calgary grow and retain 35 employees. And their head baker, Jeremy Rottier drops by to join the conversation and share his insights from the employee side of the bench. It's a fun conversation with two (three!) lovely people and it's a privilege to share it with you.