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Rise Up! #67 - Rosie Gray would love to work at your bakery. So long as she can cycle there.

I met Rosie Gray on Instagram. She heard of me after baking beside Sheena Howdle (EP 50, y’all) in England. From her first message, I wanted to get to know Rosie better.

You see, Rosie is getting baking experience by seeking out that awesome network of bakers all over Scotland, England and into Europe too. These days, she’s working at a brick oven bakery in Genk, Belgium.

Oh yeah, and she’s getting from bakery to bakery on a bike. How cool is that?

In this chat, I geek out a bit about cycling, learn about the outstanding grain movement in the UK (including a Grain Gathering in Nottingham), learn how to pronounce Genk, and am constantly, consistently, hopelessly enthralled by this joyous, passionate, energetic young woman.

If only all conversations could take place leaning against a tree in a sunny campground somewhere outside Genk, Belgium. That’s where I wanna be.

You can listen to our conversation on your favourite podcast app, from the Rise Up website or using the handy audio player below (it’s here if you’re in your email.)

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